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Gordon Harwood was born in Brighton in 1927 and his family lived in the Hollingdean Road

"My father lived at no.103 Hollingdean Road in one of the cottages. The house was only small but there were 4 boys in one bedroom sleeping top to toe, 3 girls in another one, and the grandfather and grandmother in the other room. We had a front room that you were only allowed in on Sundays. The rest of the time we lived in the kitchen and the scullery _ they were very small places and you tended to fall over yourselves trying to get around!

There was a lot of community spirit, people helped one another in them days, everyone knew one another.

We made our own entertainment _ a four wheeler, whip and tops, a barrow, playing cards. If you were in of a night you would have games like Ludo and if you were lucky enough you'd have a radio. We never had one until I was at least 10 years of age, so the only other form of entertainment was an old gramophone with a big horn on it. Sometimes you might be lucky enough to go on a tram to the seafront. That was as far as you would go, but it was a day out. We'd ask mum if we could get some bread and dripping sandwiches and a bottle of water and off you'd go for the day.

You made your own enjoyment _ you had to!

My father had an allotment at the back of the Preston Barracks _ there used to be a big gate at the top of Popes Folly and a track that took you to all the allotments. He was foreman at Preston Park, and by the time he cycled back from the Park and had a meal, he didn't always feel like going up to the allotment. In them days people worked very long hours. He used to start at 7 in the morning, and sometimes he wouldn't be home till 9 o' clock at night, because in the summer there was all bowls and tennis and things like that and he used to have to make sure that things were all right.

Reproduced from 1931 OS Map (with permission of Ordance Survey)


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